The Greatest Come Back Of All Time

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We – Madridistas – will never forget this year. No one can believe what happened. But it did!

March the 11th, Nou Camp, FC Barcelona (3-3):
– We had just been kicked out of the Champions League 3 days before.
– We were 5 points behind them.
– Ruud van Nistelrooy scored two goals in the first half but Lionel Messi did that too.
– Oleguer was sent off with two yellow cards. One on a penalty foul to Guti, one on a reckless challenge to Gago.
– Sergio Ramos headed a brilliant goal to bring Real the lead but Messi’s efforts in the final minutes brought Barcelona 1 point, and kept the distance remain.

We won 3 matches after that (2-0 Gimnàstic, 1-2 Celta Vigo and 2-0 Osasuna) while Barcelona slipped out at La Romareda to Real Zaragoza. The distance was reduced to 2 points.

April the 14th, Campos de Sport, Racing Santander (2-1):
– We did a very good start with a goal thank to Raúl.
– But then, Turienzo Álvarez tooted a non-existed penalty to Diarra, and then Garay equalled the score in 70th minute.
– And again, another penalty was pulled down from the sky when Zigic, an over 2-metre tall guy falled down in our area. Garay scored the second penalty and Real Madrid had been snatched their points.
– Barcelona won 1-0 in their home against Mallorca by a 90-minute own goal by Fernando Navarro, a player had played many years in Barcelona B.

The distance was increased to 5 points.

April the 22nd, Santiago Bernabéu, Valencia CF (2-1):
– van Nistelrooy scored an opening goal with a great volley after Torres’ pass.
– But Morientes leveled the game after the break and made his former supporters worried
– Sergio Ramos clinched the win for Real with a beautiful header.

Real had stopped the chase of one rival. And Barcelona were beaten in Villarreal, the distance is reduced again to 2 points. One week later, we defeated Athletic Bilbao 4-1 in San Mames, but Barcelona won 1-0 to Levante in their home too.

May the 6th, Santiago Bernabéu, Sevilla FC (3-2):
– Enzo Maresca made the whole stadium stunned with an amazing left foot volley. 1-0 for Sevilla for half time.
– Guti was brought on the field, and then he set up 2 goals for van Nistelrooy and Robinho immediately.
– Ruud van Nistelrooy scored the third goal after Palop deflected Sergio Ramos’ shoot.
– But Chevanton’s free-kick in dying minutes scored another consolidation goal for Sevilla and made them ahead us if we tie on points.

Barcelona won 2-0 in Anoeta to Real Sociedad. The distance remained. Sevilla was left behind after the match.

May the 12th, Santiago Bernabéu, RCD Espanyol (4-3):
– Another bad first half when Walter Pandiani scored a hat-trick in just 34 minutes despite van Nistelrooy’s goal. Real were led 1-3 and everything seemed to an end.
– Raúl scored to make it 2-3 right when the second half started.
– Reyes leveled the game in 70th minute.
– And then destiny came in 89th minute. Higuaín won the ball from Chica in the right, made a one-two with Reyes and scored his first goal in Bernabéu.

Real won the thrilling game and kept their faith. One day later, Rafael Sobis scored in 89th minute in Nou Camp too and help Betis made a 1-1 draw to Barcelona. Real Madrid was officially on the top of the table!

May the 20th, Nuevo Colombino, Recreativo (2-3):
– Real go to Huelva for the revenge. Recreativo won 3-0 right in Bernabéu just befor Christmas.
– We did a good start. Robinho scored a header after Beckham’s cross in first half, and then made a penalty after Laquait fouled on him of the second. van Nistelrooy converted it successfully.
– But then suddenly Recreativo came back. Jesus Vázquez scored a penalty to made it 1-2 after Uche was fouled on the penalty area.
– Then Uche, the Pichichi of Segunda last season leveled the game in 84th minute after Recreativo’s first corner kick.
– There’s only less than 10 minutes left. Higuaín was brought in to subtitute Raúl.
– He made a 40-metre run and made a mess in front of Recreativo’s penalty area. Gago picked up the ball and passed it to the left. And Roberto Carlos appeared. 3-2 to Real in 90+3rd minute!

Barcelona smashed Atlético Madrid 6-0 in Vicente Calderón and continued to rush behind. One week after, Real won 3-1 against Deportivo but Barca won 1-0 against Getafe too.

June the 10th, La Romareda, Real Zaragoza (2-2):
– Real Zaragoza always be a tough team to beat at their home.
– And nothing was new. Diego Milito scored a penalty after Iván Helguera’s handball. At the same time, Raúl Tamudo scored too at Nou Camp. The two leaders were being led.
– But then, Messi used his hand to score on Kameni’s net. Half time and Barcelona led with 1 point ahead.
– 61st minute. Messi scored again, legally. In Zaragoza, van Nistelrooy leveled the game for Real Madrid with a header, after Sergio Ramos’ cross.
– But everything went bad when Diego Milito scored his second goal of the game. Real were being led 1-2, and Barcelona led 2-1 against Espanyol.
– Destiny came again in 89th minute. van Nistelrooy equalled the score after Higuaín’s shoot was refused by César Sánchez. 18 seconds later, Raúl Tamudo scored his 152rd goal for Espanyol, against the club’s biggest rival, in the most crucial time. Three contenders was held draw because Sevilla failed to score in Mallorca at the same time.

Real Madrid stayed on the top of the table. Barcelona with no points but behind. Sevilla was nearly out of the game when there’s only one match left and two points behind the leaders.

June the 17th, Santiago Bernabéu, Real Mallorca (3-1):
– Real Mallorca will receive 3 millions of euros from Barcelona if Real Madrid can’t win.
– And they played very solid and hard. In the first few second, Juan Arango hit Casillas’ right post.
– Real Madrid must win and they strove to get an early goal.
– 17th minute, Juan Arango made a can’t-be-better assist for Fernando Varela, and 0-1 for Mallorca.
– Real tried to find the equaliser, but everything was worse when van Nistelrooy had to be out after Hector’s foul. Higuaín was brought on.
– Half time. Real Madrid were being led again, while Barcelona had a comfortable lead 3-0 in Tarragona.
– Guti was brought on for Emerson. But Real Mallorca seemed to be tougher. The time was passing by just like the title.
– Beckham was out to, and Reyes came on the field. And right after that, he scored the equaliser for Real Madrid after Higuaín’s pass.
– 80th minute. Real had 10 minutes left to took back their title. Reyes with the corner in the left. Mahamadou Diarra rose above two Mallorca’s defenders. And he headed the ball. Moyà could only touch the ball, but can’t prevent it ran into the net. Real Madid came back from behind, again!
– 3 minutes later, Reyes clinched the league for Real Madrid with a beautiful left foot curve from outside the area. Every Madridista was over the moon!

FC Barcelona finished the game with a 5-1 win, but they couldn’t have anything. Real Madrid had won their 30th championship!


  1. T. Long

    Capello’s great! Never thought a team like Real can show that super fighting spirit. Hope his revolution doesn’t stop here.

    Tue 19/Jun/2007 @ 12:44 PM
  2. Miss_blanco

    cháu hỏi tí, bác viết tiếng Anh làm jì thế à?

    Wed 20/Jun/2007 @ 8:37 AM
  3. yongji

    hic..cha hieu gi..chi biet la “4 nam cho doi :((” ke ke

    Wed 20/Jun/2007 @ 10:44 AM
  4. slump

    Hé hé, bác viết cho nó pờ rồ cháu béo ạ.

    Wed 20/Jun/2007 @ 9:14 PM
  5. Hien Tran

    an very very emotional year for us, madridista

    Wed 27/Jun/2007 @ 3:47 PM

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