Fixing famous MIUI lockscreen contact name bug

16:08 17/02/2015, in Coding,Tips & Tricks

If you’re annoyed by the way MIUI showing your contact’s SMS on lockscreen as mention on this thread, here is how you can fix it

This can apply for any theme

Download your lockscreen file from your phone. Its location is /data/system/theme/lockscreen

Use your archive program to extract the file advance/manifest.xml

Open the file in your text editor and look for these string: PHONE_NUMBERS_EQUAL

PHONE_NUMBERS_EQUAL(data1,'%s')withPHONE_NUMBERS_EQUAL(data1,CAST(ABS('%s') AS Integer))
Do it with every search found.

Save the file, put it inside lockscreen and upload it back to your phone, you’re done.

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