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18:49 27/06/2007, in Tips & Tricks

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Everybody is tired of these annoying flash-based ads came from Yahoo! Messenger. If your ADSL router is not responding or your Internet line is down, it would be more than a p.i.t.a for the “This page could not be found” page.

Fortunately, there’s a way to remove these annoyances.

Create a text file and name it whatever you want. I assume it is newtext.txt. Then paste these lines into your file

TITLE Remove ads from Yahoo Messenger 8
> %TEMP%.\noYMads.reg ECHO REGEDIT4
>>%TEMP%.\noYMads.reg ECHO.
>>%TEMP%.\noYMads.reg ECHO [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Yahoo\Pager\YUrl]
>>%TEMP%.\noYMads.reg ECHO "Messenger Ad"="*"
>>%TEMP%.\noYMads.reg ECHO "Webcam Upload Ad"="*"
>>%TEMP%.\noYMads.reg ECHO "Webcam Viewer Ad"="*"
>>%TEMP%.\noYMads.reg ECHO "Webcam Viewer Ad Big"="*"
>>%TEMP%.\noYMads.reg ECHO "Webcam Viewer Ad Medium"="*"
>>%TEMP%.\noYMads.reg ECHO "Change Room Banner"="*"
>>%TEMP%.\noYMads.reg ECHO "Conf Adurl"="*"
>>%TEMP%.\noYMads.reg ECHO "Chat Adurl"="*"
>>%TEMP%.\noYMads.reg ECHO "Y Content"="*"
REGEDIT /S %TEMP%.\noYMads.reg
DEL %TEMP%.\noYMads.reg
ATTRIB -R "%PROGRAMFILES%\Yahoo!\Messenger\Cache\urls.xml"
ECHO "" >"%PROGRAMFILES%\Yahoo!\Messenger\Cache\urls.xml" 
ATTRIB +R "%PROGRAMFILES%\Yahoo!\Messenger\Cache\urls.xml"

Quit your Yahoo! Messenger. Rename the file to newbat.bat and double click to make it run. Open your Y!M again and voilà, these ads were gone.

If you installed Yahoo! Messenger on the other folder than the default “Program Files”, replace %PROGRAMFILES% with your new location.

2007/11/01: With the new Yahoo! Messenger 9, you have to do one more step (applied for Windows 2000 and above only)

Go to your Yahoo! Messenger folder, then Messenger\Caches, find the file urls.xml, right click, choose Properties. Open Security tab and then perform a Deny Write for every group or username in the list. Click OK and open Yahoo! Messenger again.


  1. Vu Quoc Huy

    Tớ thấy cái này không còn hiệu quả nữa mà. Toàn phải dùng chương trình remove Yahoo ads 🙁

    Thu 28/Jun/2007 @ 9:04 AM
  2. slump

    Xoá ngon lành đấy chứ, có làm sao đâu nhỉ? Vừa xoá của Yahoo! Messenger, khởi động lại vẫn không thấy gì 😐

    Thu 28/Jun/2007 @ 5:20 PM
  3. cssyeah

    Mình thấy xóa cũng ngon lành đó chứ, không còn thấy bóng dáng quảng cáo đâu cả, thích thật 😀

    Fri 29/Jun/2007 @ 6:56 AM
  4. Vu Quoc Huy

    Bản đó thì được nhưng bản thì không ^_^

    Fri 29/Jun/2007 @ 10:32 AM
  5. bob5ky

    a bit too complicated 4 me lol

    Sun 08/Jul/2007 @ 4:34 PM
  6. xxx

    worked for (latest version upto now)

    Tue 10/Jul/2007 @ 10:36 PM
  7. Vũ Quang Hưng

    Chạy tốt với Y!M
    Thanks much.

    Mon 15/Oct/2007 @ 12:15 AM
  8. Lee

    Tôi thấy làm việc tốt với Y!M

    Mon 26/Nov/2007 @ 8:59 AM
  9. Anghel

    Good work man.It was very useful and transparent your solution.Thank you! 🙂

    Mon 10/Mar/2008 @ 4:14 AM

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